I started in Real Estate Investment

I was first introduced to the real estate investment space through wholesaling in the middle of 2016. Someone took me under their wing to show me the ropes of how to structure a deal, and once I got a taste of real estate, I was hooked! I had tried all of the typical outbound methods — texting, cold calling, direct mail — and I knew there had to be a more streamlined, effective way for a seller to contact me when they needed me (as opposed to playing the numbers game and trying to be johnny on the spot at the right place, right time).


That’s when I found Search Engine Optimization and Google Ads. I could let a seller come to me whenever he or she was ready to have a conversation about selling his or her house. I got to work. I pulled up my sleeves, opened youtube and got cracking. I bought multiple SEO & PPC courses and just taught myself everything I could about the two marketing channels. 

Late 2017
Late 2017

I had folks ask me to help with their marketing

I was doing deals and doing it consistently, so I was approached by a few folks in other parts of the country who were also wholesaling. They asked how I was getting these leads, and I told them it was a result of SEO & PPC. They asked for my help doing it for their business, I agreed and Steel Marketing was born just a short time later.

2018-2023 & Beyond
2018-2023 & Beyond

Steel Marketing was born

In early 2018, Steel Marketing sprang into action. After helping half a dozen investors over the course of 4-5 months in late 2017 into early 2018, I knew I was onto something. I had helped people 4-10X their investments they made with me in just a short period of time. And then those investors I was helping asked if I could help their friend who ran a roofing company or lawn care business, so I said sure thing. One thing led to another and after my first year in business with Steel Marketing I had clients in 8 different industries, rounding out at over 20 by the end of 2019.

Why Work With Me?

Broad Reach

No matter where you want your business to go, SEO can help take it there! Your site can be ranked in multiple cities, states and even countries! There are no limits when you choose Steel Marketing!

Customer Focused

We are here to help you, not drain your bank account! We’re your very own SEO specialists that are here for you day and night to answer questions, solve problems and ensure your investment in SEO creates an incredible ROI!


We’re not your newbie SEO people. We’ve been doing this for years on our own real estate investment business. We’ve perfected a process that is proven to work. All our clients have seen the fruit from our process, and you will too!



This is a one-stop shop for your SEO needs. This is NOT a hands-on campaign for you… we take care of everything. There are only minor things we ask of you — all of which you should be doing already for your business!

Proven Results

Take a look at our testimonials and case studies. The numbers don’t lie!!! Our clients have experienced record-breaking months, quarters, and years from SEO. You could be the next case study of a business that doubled or tripled its revenue!

Best Prices

Are we the cheapest? No, we’re not those overseas guys who charge $300 a month… that’s a joke anyway. But we do our best to structure things in such a way that helps you generate the best ROI possible (that’s what it’s all about).

Let's Work Together!

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