I started in Real Estate Investment

I was first introduced to the real estate investment space through wholesaling in the middle of 2016. Someone took me under their wing to show me the ropes of how to structure a deal, and once I got a taste of real estate, I was hooked! I had tried all of the typical outbound methods — texting, cold calling, direct mail — and I knew there had to be a more streamlined, effective way for a seller to contact me when they needed me (as opposed to playing the numbers game and trying to be johnny on the spot at the right place, right time).


That’s when I found Search Engine Optimization and Google Ads. I could let a seller come to me whenever he or she was ready to have a conversation about selling his or her house. I got to work. I pulled up my sleeves, opened youtube and got cracking. I bought multiple SEO & PPC courses and just taught myself everything I could about the two marketing channels. 

Late 2017
Late 2017

I had folks ask me to help with their marketing

I was doing deals and doing it consistently, so I was approached by a few folks in other parts of the country who were also wholesaling. They asked how I was getting these leads, and I told them it was a result of SEO & PPC. They asked for my help doing it for their business, I agreed and Steel Marketing was born just a short time later.


Steel Marketing was born

In early 2018, Steel Marketing sprang into action. After helping half a dozen investors over the course of 4-5 months in late 2017 into early 2018, I knew I was onto something. I had helped people 4-10X their investments they made with me in just a short period of time. And then those investors I was helping asked if I could help their friend who ran a roofing company or lawn care business, so I said sure thing. One thing led to another and after my first year in business with Steel Marketing I had clients in 8 different industries, rounding out at over 20 by the end of 2019.


Steel Marketing merged with Hite Digital

In late 2020 I began talks with a few other agencies and Hite Digital about potentially merging together to build a better, bigger, and faster marketing machine. After all parties felt it was the right fit, we merged. As of January 2021, Steel Marketing merged into Hite Digital as Hite Digital Nashville, and we literally 10X’d our operation overnight to almost 100 employees. At the time of writing this, we have over 125 employees, are spending millions of dollars per month on PPC & Facebook ads for clients and helping hundreds and hundreds of business owners absolutely dominate their niches.

Steel Marketing is now Hite Digital Nashville

Steel Marketing is now
Hite Digital Nashville

Hello all! My name is Caleb Luketic, and I’m the owner of Steel Marketing. We specialize in the real estate investment/wholesaling industry, but we have helped businesses in over 20 industries since our inception.


Our mission is to help business owners generate more leads and make more money than ever before. How do we do that? Simple: we help rank business websites at the top of Google through our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods and help them generate instant traffic from our Google Ads campaigns! We also offer website design, Facebook Ads & Retargeting ads on Google, Facebook, and YouTube.


We take the seasoned process that we’ve applied to businesses we own and operate, and we use those same proven and effective methods of SEO & Adwords to your website! We realize that there are a ton of scammy SEO companies — and marketing companies in general — out there, but we are here to change that ugly stigma SEO has.


Just check out our reviews & case studies! We’re happy to be an open book with current client campaigns, and if you’d like to speak to current clients, we’d be happy to give you the cell phones of some active clients who have given us permission to share their numbers with you!


We’re here to help you grow your business, so what are you waiting for? Schedule a consultation today!

The Why

Our mission is to impact people’s lives by empowering them to reach their goals.


We recognize that every person has a unique purpose and that if every person fulfills that purpose, they, their community, and the world will be better for it.


We practice our mission through our Three Pillars:

  • Focus on Family
  • Grow People
  • Deliver Excellence

The Why

Our mission is to impact people’s lives by empowering them to reach their goals.


We recognize that every person has a unique purpose and that if every person fulfills that purpose, they, their community, and the world will be better for it.


We practice our mission through our Three Pillars:

  • Focus on Family
  • Grow People
  • Deliver Excellence

Focus on Family

“Family” includes not only our team, but their children, spouses, and extended family as well. We support our team members and their family members however we can, whether emotionally, physically, or financially. We include family in many of our events, but we also want our office to be open to them as well. We strive to create a family-friendly environment where our children are welcome, safe, and happy. We offer school benefits to ensure our team’s families get the best education possible.

Sample Behaviors

  • Reaches out when someone is in need
  • Genuinely cares for others’ wellbeing
  • Offers help to others in both work and personal life

Company Actions

  • Includes family in activities outside of work
  • Offers support during times of crisis
  • Develops and maintains a family-friendly work environment

Grow People

As a company, we provide opportunities for growth through training, books, and other content. We schedule Friday Talks, where we invite influencers and entrepreneurs in the community to speak to our team. We also hire individuals who focus on our team’s mental and professional development. We encourage our team to develop goals, achieve them, and then strive for new ones.


As individuals, we use company resources to learn in and outside the office. We take advantage of what’s been offered to us, learn new skills, and then apply them to our daily tasks and lifestyle. We seek out new opportunities for self-development and individual learning.

Sample Behaviors

  • Proactively looks for training, books, or classes in their field, industry, or interests
  • Is self-taught when necessary
  • Puts training and resources offered by the company to good use
  • Is hungry for knowledge and skills
  • Constantly sets goals for themselves

Company Actions

  • Organizes Friday Talks to inspire and develop team members
  • Gives badges to recognize team members’ achievements
  • Offers resources for both guided and self-guided learning
  • Employs development professionals to focus on this value
  • Sends team members to development and industry conferences and events
  • Incentivizes growth versus production

Deliver Excellence

As a team, we ensure processes and procedures are efficient and functional for the best possible results. We revise and approve all content and service to ensure the highest quality.

Sample Behaviors

  • Is punctual to work, meetings, and calls
  • Completes tasks on time and even early
  • Completes tasks without being reminded several times
  • Keeps track of their own schedule and to-do list
  • Thinks of new and better ways to do their job
  • Is accountable for their actions

Company Actions

  • Implements and maintains efficient processes and procedures, updating when necessary
  • Provides the necessary technology for team members to work
  • Maintains high standards


No matter where your local business is, we’re here to help get you ranked on the top page of Google! Our processes are tested and proven to get you ranked!


If you’ve been saying, “I need to rank a website for my business,” or “how can you rank a website on Google,” you’ve landed in the right place!


We give you a hands-free product that will generate leads for your business over a long period of time. SEO is great because when you get ranked in the organic rankings, you’re there for a long time, unlike pay-per-click marketing — when you stop paying, your ads stop running.

However, we are big advocates for mixing SEO with Google Adwords because it’s a dynamic duo that is almost unbeatable! Schedule a Consultation with us, and we’ll create a game plan that’s best for your business.

Why Work With Me?

Broad Reach

No matter where you want your business to go, SEO can help take it there! Your site can be ranked in multiple cities, states and even countries! There are no limits when you choose Steel Marketing!

Customer Focused

We are here to help you, not drain your bank account! We’re your very own SEO specialists that are here for you day and night to answer questions, solve problems and ensure your investment in SEO creates an incredible ROI!


We’re not your newbie SEO people. We’ve been doing this for years on our own real estate investment business. We’ve perfected a process that is proven to work. All our clients have seen the fruit from our process, and you will too!



This is a one-stop shop for your SEO needs. This is NOT a hands-on campaign for you… we take care of everything. There are only minor things we ask of you — all of which you should be doing already for your business!

Proven Results

Take a look at our testimonials and case studies. The numbers don’t lie!!! Our clients have experienced record-breaking months, quarters, and years from SEO. You could be the next case study of a business that doubled or tripled its revenue!

Best Prices

Are we the cheapest? No, we’re not those overseas guys who charge $300 a month… that’s a joke anyway. But we do our best to structure things in such a way that helps you generate the best ROI possible (that’s what it’s all about).

Let's Work Together!

What are you waiting for? The only thing holding your business back from having a phenomenal ROI is not scheduling a consultation! Schedule a consultation now to learn how we can help take your business to the next level.